Undefended [adjective]

Definition of Undefended:


Synonyms of Undefended:

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Sentence/Example of Undefended:

Straight at Peter's undefended face drove Morella's lance, but lo!

Could we not make a sortie and destroy the boats that lay down there all undefended?

Show this Letter to everybody, that it may be known the State is not undefended.

On this rich and undefended country the hungry Roman army was let loose.

It will be an hotel over here and the case will be undefended.

But if the opening was so wide, 070how came it to be undefended?

The store pump was fifty yards away in the stark, undefended open.

You tell me you saw Dyck Calhoun do this to an undefended man—you tell me this!

Not less will still this wind and save Our homes from undefended sack.

Her palace was undefended, and he had but to raid it at night.