Undefinable [adjective]

Definition of Undefinable:

beyond comprehension, explanation

Synonyms of Undefinable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undefinable:

Sentence/Example of Undefinable:

I then had a strange, undefinable sensation of universal chaos.

It all comes, I believe, from trying to define the undefinable.

But how tell an undefinable uneasiness, variable as the clouds, unstable as the winds?

It hung about him with the undefinable feel and smell of death.

The presence of the figure inspired me with an undefinable awe!

There was in them an undefinable appeal, whether for help or forbearance he could not tell.

Was it her fancy, or had some undefinable change passed over him?

A thrill ran through the room—there was a low, undefinable murmur.

An undefinable feeling that something was wrong came across her.

The difference of look is undefinable in words, but clear enough.