Undemocratic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Undemocratic:

Because we are serving notice that we are against a system that is political and undemocratic.

The attitude of Socialists toward the courts of law is undemocratic.

Much of the old poetry should be discouraged for it is debased and undemocratic.

It is valuable in our democracy in proportion as it is undemocratic.

All this is undemocratic and unwholesome in the highest degree.

They are undemocratic, and are not in accord with American ideas.

It embraces many points that are considered, from the standpoint of the Anglo-Saxon, undemocratic.

It is an undemocratic custom which every sensible man deplores but sees no way around.

There was opposition to the Congressional caucus from the beginning, for such a method was regarded as undemocratic.

To throw the burden upon the government's representative is undemocratic; to risk constantly increasing rent is false economy.