Undemonstrative [adjective]

Definition of Undemonstrative:


Opposite/Antonyms of Undemonstrative:


Sentence/Example of Undemonstrative:

She knew not fear; her quiet, undemonstrative courage was lofty and invincible.

The worst of these inarticulate and undemonstrative people is that they hurt you so.

And Jim, in his undemonstrative way, returned Mr. Dennis' affection.

Even the undemonstrative Wanaha exclaimed at the metamorphosis.

He was an austere man, very fine-looking, but silent and undemonstrative.

"I only wanted to say that he is undemonstrative," explained the girl, flaming red.

She knew that she had been undemonstrative in her manner, and that such was her nature.

She had suddenly become hard, undemonstrative, and almost unkind.

Barbara and Will were there, and, in their undemonstrative way, very happy.

Linda was so cold, so undemonstrative; Linda was so thoughtless of dear Martin.