Undependable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Undependable:

The trouble was that she got involved with undependable trades.

"They get thicker every day," he complained in a thin, undependable falsetto.

Their memories of the protection and privileges granted them were short and undependable.

"Our telegraph system is undependable," was all that the other, the younger, Randon answered.

I know Miss Betsey believes him to be sneaking and undependable.

Brandy, alas, always made him quarrelsome and undependable of mood.

So his dislike boiled over, to settle into a sullen determination to rid himself of one irritation—this undependable horse.

There were several things she had heard about him—that he was undependable and that he drank heavily.

And your father wasn't much use—such an undependable sort of a man as he is.

Those descriptions of the discarnate state, moreover, which reach us through mediums are undependable.