Underbrush [noun]

Definition of Underbrush:


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Sentence/Example of Underbrush:

Some of our men were firing their guns at random into the underbrush.

With difficulty they had saved the chest and dragged it after them into the mazes of the underbrush.

He saw before him rough ground, thickly sown with underbrush.

Gun in hand, he plunged into the underbrush that lined the side of the trail.

He whined pleadingly, and scurried playfully in and out of the underbrush.

The underbrush closed after them and they were hidden from sight.

It is found in shady woods and sometimes in open places where there is underbrush.

And he caught a last glimpse of her light frock as it vanished into the underbrush.

And leaving Brierly to turn the car, he started off with Shad Wells into the underbrush.

He dashed up noisily from the underbrush, swung his arms, and shouted, “Boo!”