Underclothes [noun]

Definition of Underclothes:

women's undergarments

Synonyms of Underclothes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Underclothes:


Sentence/Example of Underclothes:

He stripped to his underclothes and turned in under the patchwork comforters.

We brought some underclothes; didn't know what shape you'd be in.

Old Mrs. Shimerda knit yards and yards of lace for her underclothes.

"'Spect I'd be better for some underclothes—" Margaret said, half under her breath.

I wa-anted to send back some socks and underclothes to be darned.

Very light wind-clothing was all we wore over our underclothes.

Underclothes in some form or other are worn all the time, not so much for warmth as for cleanliness.

I dried myself on the underclothes and then threw them to the currents.

He took his seat in the cars, placing a valise full of underclothes on the seat next him.

While we were fairly dry, there was a dampness in the air and we had only our underclothes.