Underclothing [noun]

Definition of Underclothing:

women's undergarments

Synonyms of Underclothing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Underclothing:


Sentence/Example of Underclothing:

From him I learned the address of “the coloured lady” who had my underclothing.

Her dress was very ragged, but her underclothing bore the stamp of some institution.

His underclothing separated from his flesh with a wrench which made him shiver.

He was provided with some flannel shirts and other underclothing.

Never, if at all possible, allow the underclothing to dry on the body.

The dress was a simple gray one, and the skirts and underclothing all white.

To this property wool owes its superiority as a textile for underclothing.

The best of them had not an overcoat; and underclothing was unknown among them.

The remainder will be for linen, underclothing, ties, and handkerchiefs.

In addition, there was a complete outfit of underclothing and wind-clothes.