Undercoat [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Undercoat:

Like the beaver, it is furnished with an undercoat of soft downy fur.

Undercote, or undercoat; fester under the skin (coat is "cutis," skin).

This will act as a primer or undercoat for the succeeding coats of paint.

In the English method, where necessary, a priming or undercoat is employed.

Get some sort of stuff, made of sheep's clothing, I don't know what you call 'n, for to make an undercoat for the old oman.

The wiry coat sheds water like a duck's back, and the undercoat keeps him warm in all weather.

A fur seal naturally has fur, the hair seal has no undercoat whatever.

Many a smart blow was landed, but each perceived that the other wore an undercoat of linked mail which might not be pierced.