Undercroft [noun]

Definition of Undercroft:

burial place

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Sentence/Example of Undercroft:

The canopy is gone, but fragments of it are in the undercroft of the chapter-house.

This crypt or undercroft is on the same level as the floor of the church, and was used as a treasury.

One, which is generally called a lantern, was till lately hung in the undercroft.

Two heavy wooden doors at the entrance leave no doubt as to the purpose for which the undercroft was built.

In the undercroft itself the walls are impregnably thick, the windows narrow, with wide splays.

There are several stone coffins in the undercroft, and a good many fragments of carved stone, some of which are very fine.

The ancient history of this undercroft is unknown, and merely a matter for conjecture.

Undercroft, un′dėr-kroft, n. a vault under the choir or chancel of a church: a vault or secret walk underground.