Undercutting [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Undercutting:

It is a long roll of undercut of beef, so long that it seems to be sold by the yard.

She come back at me with a kind of an undercut right under the jaw.

The mortise is undercut as before, and saw-cuts are made in the end of the tenon.

This puts a tremendous amount of undercut or stop on the ball.

When the whole face is undercut and spragged, the shot-firer is summoned.

Many of the Gantois borders are like undercut wood carvings.

We do not tell generals to undercut each other on the eve of a war.

Luke undercut a huge block of the stone and it fell, turning lazily, and crashed on the pavement.

The mixing of breeds to increase butterfat content was not the only element which undercut the breeding program.

The method of getting out the coal was to "undercut" it with a pick, and then blow it loose with a charge of powder.