Underdeveloped [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Underdeveloped:

In some ways, compared to those of Terra, the industries of Tepokt were underdeveloped.

An overdeveloped child is likely to be an underdeveloped man.

We must encourage the development of resources and enterprises in all parts of the country, particularly in underdeveloped areas.

His father and grandfather had been illiterate men and he had inherited their underdeveloped brain cells.

The men had better heads than the women, underdeveloped yet comparatively well balanced.

Though immature and underdeveloped by Terran standards, she had a fair figure for a Dry-town woman.

This is because it is underdeveloped, the chemicals acting too quickly to allow it to gain density.

An overexposed and underdeveloped plate may be redeveloped, and this process is usually called strengthening or intensifying.

How truly magnificent were the men of her own kind when compared with these underdeveloped, almost frail, Ammadians!

This is more likely against a modernized, developed state than an underdeveloped government.