Underdog [noun]

Definition of Underdog:

unlikely winner in a contest or struggle

Synonyms of Underdog:

Opposite/Antonyms of Underdog:

Sentence/Example of Underdog:

You know, it's quite all right to give the underdog a hand, but only one hand.

So Gud spoke comradely to the Underdog and the Underdog wagged cordially.

But Gud did not hear the bark of the Underdog, for Gud was dead.

When the Underdog returned there followed at his heels a handsome Devil.

And we knew for the first time that a man may smile and smile and be an underdog.

Like communism, it needed to imagine a class war and felt that it had a tight vested monopoly of the underdog.

So he arose and stamped out the smouldering embers of the fire he had builded, and whistled for the Underdog.

Then the Underdog licked his chops and Gud sighed, and together they departed from that place, very sorrowful that they had come.

Gud saw that nothing was being chased by something, which Gud recognized as the reflection of an Underdog.

The chase was exciting; the nothing ducked and the reflection of an Underdog leaped over it.