Underfed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Underfed:

He has been lonely and underfed, and at the first there was considerable pain.

I ain't sure of the word, but I believe that means thin-blooded or underfed.

Poor, underfed and oversmart children; ready-witted and half-witted.

Their cattle are not allowed to be overworked, or underfed, or abused in any way.

"I take it that you refer to the odor that comes from underfed bodies," I remarked.

On the other hand, trees suffer as much or more from cold if underfed than if overfed.

For poor people, who are underfed and drink adulterated stuff.

The production fell off; the miners were discontented and underfed.

Thirty per cent of the people are underfed and on the verge of hunger.

Do you think they do not know that they are cold and underfed?