Undergarments [noun]

Definition of Undergarments:

women's underwear

Synonyms of Undergarments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undergarments:


Sentence/Example of Undergarments:

Then it seemed to her startlingly inadequate even as an undergarment.

His wardrobe, always grand, underwent revision in the undergarment line.

Mother will surely have a tablecloth or an undergarment or an apron which needs a patch.

Basil obeyed, revealing an undergarment that was still more foul.

Grass is the nap of the fields; it is the undergarment of the hills.

If any one tears off your coat ask him kindly if he would not like the undergarment too?

They did, and I caught a glimpse of my undergarment as they came off, and clapped my hands on my knees.

Over this was worn the gown, which was slightly longer than the undergarment, and reached quite to the ground.

The fashionable sleeves were tight to the elbow, and from there hanging and narrow, showing a sleeve belonging to an undergarment.

The Korean bathing habits are like those of the medieval anchorite, and an undergarment, once donned, is lost to memory.