Undergoes [verb]

Definition of Undergoes:

be subjected to

Synonyms of Undergoes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undergoes:

Sentence/Example of Undergoes:

In the presence of yeast it undergoes alcoholic fermentation.

It undergoes alcoholic fermentation in the presence of yeast.

Each of these undergoes a series of changes claiming our consideration.

This oil is separated from the plant, and then undergoes the process of refining.

Evaporation of its water the principal change it undergoes, 334.

In short, he undergoes a process of gentle and gradual starvation.

If it undergoes any change, it is only to become more sociable.

He takes a thousand shapes, and undergoes a thousand fortunes.

It undergoes no alternation of passions; it is not at one time flushed with hope, nor at another chilled by disappointment.

He stands it as long as he can, and then undergoes a thorough rubbing.