Undergoing [verb]

Definition of Undergoing:

be subjected to

Synonyms of Undergoing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undergoing:

Sentence/Example of Undergoing:

The girl had the feeling that she had been undergoing a rather vigorous cross-examination.

And to think that she was undergoing all this to the end that she might save me!

They have been undergoing a process of preparation for the next agitation.

Wha's to say it is no' undergoing a repair—that the roof is off, and will not be on for sax months to come.

Neither knew but that the other was undergoing some sort of prying ordeal.

Most marked was the disturbance which his mental equilibrium was undergoing.

Each was undergoing a self-revelation; each was trying to face a future without the other.

Ever since Eleanor's high-handed departure she had been undergoing a metamorphosis.

The pictures from the subject of St. Bruno, were then undergoing this operation.

They work, undergoing the fatigues of physical and spiritual growth.