Undergone [adjective]

Definition of Undergone:


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Sentence/Example of Undergone:

His expression was that of one who has just undergone a soul-stirring shock.

His expression had undergone a favourable change; it was less grim.

Have they undergone a similar change, through the arts of this wicked Circe?

The great mistake I made was, in supposing I had undergone any real change of heart.

The rock has undergone complete metamorphism and its origin is unknown.

For two days I have undergone all the anguish that a woman's heart can endure.

The world's undergone a nice alteration since my time, certainly.

Since the coronation, her feelings have undergone a marked development.

The strong, pure heart had undergone a change, but not a deterioration.

The Cabinets in these countries have undergone many changes in the course of the war.