Undergraduate [noun]

Definition of Undergraduate:

college student

Synonyms of Undergraduate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undergraduate:

Sentence/Example of Undergraduate:

They weren't interested in Cassel's undergraduate days, or in Morse's conquests.

They suffered no drastic loss of touch with undergraduate thought and life.

But they will rarely be found of most profit to undergraduate classes.

All of the preceding discussion applies only to undergraduate work.

They had been at Cambridge together, and ever since their undergraduate days had been intimate chums.

Roger's face had changed in the years since his undergraduate days.

A bursary is what an English undergraduate would call a "Schol."

A hundred pictures have been drawn of undergraduate life at Oxford, and a hundred caricatures.

Again, when Elsmere was an undergraduate Langham and Grey had been intimate.

It was a much colder love, no doubt, than that which he had given to the undergraduate.