Underived [adjective]

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New forms of dead matter may be derived, but new living forms are underived.

Empedocles had believed in four ultimate and underived kinds of matter.

They are absolute and independent, underived and unoriginated—the essential qualities of my nature.

The old kindliness must be transplanted to a fresh soil if it were to blossom into a life self-sufficient and underived.

The mind, through its original and underived thinking, is itself the pattern (Urbild) of such a synthesis.

They are absolute, and independent, underived, and unoriginated—the essential qualities of my nature.

Here we employ the term Absolute to denote the underived, independent, incomposite, and immutable.

Firstly,if underived virtue be peculiar to the Deity, can it be the duty of a creature to have it?

Were it possible to reduce the sum of human ideas to underived originals, the small numerical result would be startling.

Alone, the Sphinx, linking timelessness with time, brooded unguessed and underived upon an alien world.