Underlined [verb]

Definition of Underlined:

emphasize; mark

Synonyms of Underlined:

Opposite/Antonyms of Underlined:


Sentence/Example of Underlined:

One sentence we wish to cross out; the next we wish to underline.

Tilia thrust her face close to Rachel's to underline her words.

If there is anything in the article you disapprove, underline it, and perhaps I will omit.

In this eBook, those words are emphasized with an underline.

Underline all their mistakes, and, under your eyes, make them correct the mistakes themselves.

Underline on title page the first letter of words which must be lettered on back.

I don't see anything to underline, though; looks foreign to me.

It was scarcely necessary to underline some passages of this report.

He didn't have to underline any words for the grim-faced men who listened.

But it had been a close call, he did not need Tau's explanation to underline that.