Underlings [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Underlings:

He is an underling: I have nothing to do with him; I will speak with his master.

It was the mistake of some underling, turning me down, after Austin's death.

Sira Nal's checks paled slightly with rage as he stared at his underling.

For a long minute, Morton stared on at his underling whom he had betrayed.

Clever he was certainly and no underling, as they had gathered from de Lestis.

And you, underling of your thievish masters—you, King's official!

Would he feel that he was treated like an underling, like a menial, like a serf?

But the underling at the head office misinterpreted the message.

Give it right into her hands, won't you; don't let any underling get hold of it.

He ought at least to have been offered the Exchequer, which had been given to the underling Legge.