Underlying [adjective]

Definition of Underlying:

fundamental, latent

Synonyms of Underlying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Underlying:

Sentence/Example of Underlying:

It is plain (suggested Socrates), they do not know the underlying meaning.

The underlying causes for the conduct, life and end of Apicius have not been told.

Sanitation, not the word, but the underlying idea, was taught by precept and example.

An underlying tendency can be discerned in well-organized knowledge.

Yet underlying all this there ran a vein of good cheer, of hopefulness.

He was perfectly respectful, though there was an underlying threat in his manner.

The reports naturally show the correctness of the underlying theory.

But there was also an underlying nervousness which seemed to hint at something beyond.

The Mexican mountains are mainly of underlying granite formation.

The form Marduk is Semitic, and points to an underlying stem, rdk.