Undermines [verb]

Definition of Undermines:


Synonyms of Undermines:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undermines:

Sentence/Example of Undermines:

It is like the gilded poison that undermines the human frame.

It gets at the root of evil and undermines the spirit which produces strife.

It undermines the foundation of religion and imputes wrong to God.

It undermines his constitution; it strikes at the foundation of his being.

It undermines in all directions the discipline of the public service.

The rain from heaven no longer refreshes you, it undermines and weakens you.

The tide rises and undermines the foundation of state and society.

It undermines the very foundation of government by the people.

He undermines his structure by a quill at a time, till only three remain.

It is a disease that undermines the moral fiber and manhood of any one it touches.