Underneath [preposition]

Definition of Underneath:


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Sentence/Example of Underneath:

Wiglaf stabs the dragon from underneath, and Bewulf cuts it in two with his dagger.

The men were working at the breast of it, some underneath, some on top.

Once, he roused with a start and hastily got the axe out from underneath the lashings.

Underneath was printed "May be consulted gratis from ten to four."

Underneath is a stone platform, and on it the hideous elephant-god.

The wind, catching it underneath as it slid, tipped it backward.

There's matches in a box on the wall just underneath where 'twas hangin'.

The sunset is unlike anything that is underneath it: it wants men.

I cook in it and on it and all around the sides and underneath it.

Underneath the tiger, again, there is a man civilised for centuries.