Undernourished [adjective]

Definition of Undernourished:

unhealthily thin

Synonyms of Undernourished:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undernourished:

Sentence/Example of Undernourished:

What grace she had was an athlete's, but she looked overtrained or undernourished.

The calf was undernourished and only weighed two tons when Paul got him.

In their present undernourished condition the public could not face a defeat.

If the nervous system is undernourished, it becomes disorganized and undeveloped.

She had learned grammar, but no language; her soul was undernourished.

The heart, if undernourished, lays its foundation for future heart disease, and the whole system will be injured for life.

Both were thin and wiry, with the gaunt lines of the undernourished showing plainly.

Far too often we find children of the very poor who are undernourished because of lack of food fuel.

The person may feel satisfied, but he will be undernourished nevertheless.

Excepting the very wealthy and those who have stored quantities of food for the "siege," every German is undernourished.