Underpass [noun]

Definition of Underpass:

covered passageway

Synonyms of Underpass:

Opposite/Antonyms of Underpass:


Sentence/Example of Underpass:

Was the underpass bare of people or were there people on it?

And then it swings down a little curve to go into the underpass.

And by that time we had gotten almost in under the underpass, and the President's car had come up and was almost abreast of us.

In his haste to get away, the lad tripped and fell flat in the muddy water which raced through the underpass.

Of course, all of us were looking out at the underpass, which we are right under, the triple underpass there.

I assume that is the underpass that you have marked Parkway.

Just where is that railroad yard in relation to the underpass?

No; not until it turned and started to come under the underpass.

Got about halfway down the hill going toward the underpass and that is when as far as I can recall the first shot was fired.

That's right; in other words, Stemmons Freeway and the service road both go under the underpass.