Undersell [verb]

Definition of Undersell:

lower, reduce cost

Synonyms of Undersell:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undersell:

Sentence/Example of Undersell:

To undersell your neighbour was then also an unpardonable crime.

Of course, it is easy to undersell the planters by produce raised on these conditions.

If we can undersell all the world, we may have the custom of all the world.

"He'll soon find where he'll be if he tries to undersell me," said young Griggs.

Labor was so cheap abroad that they could undersell us in our own markets.

He could undersell any other shopkeeper in New York because he got his salesmen for next to nothing.

Whoever attempts to undersell Tonson is harassed with legal proceedings.

In small beads they undersell us enormously, while in beads of 1/6th of an inch in diameter, and upwards, we can undersell them.

Even with a duty of forty-five per cent., he could compete with American tweeds, and with a lower duty he could undersell them.

He was not the man to undersell the profession, and was jealous of nobody, having a large practice, and a very wealthy wife.