Underside [noun]

Definition of Underside:

lower side

Synonyms of Underside:

Opposite/Antonyms of Underside:

Sentence/Example of Underside:

He laid the phone down and looked to the underside viewscreen.

As he turned it over in his hand he observed some lettering on the underside.

The warriors were on the underside, and Henry fell upon them.

Upon the underside of one of its sleeves there is a big ink blob.

The wire should now be protected from touching the bird on its underside.

It is an evergreen, and its name is descriptive of the underside of the leaf.

Jimmy twisted his head and got a look at the underside of the oil line.

The underside of the animal is too bruised to show anything of importance.

Mark this with a folder on the underside, as shown at A, fig. 195.

On the underside there is a narrow band of fur below the arm bones.