Underskirt [noun]

Definition of Underskirt:


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Sentence/Example of Underskirt:

I have been three times to Clémentine about your underskirt, etc.

I made patches all over my underskirt except where I do sit down.

Next time I am going to bring him to school in a pocket in my underskirt.

And there is all the patches I do pin on my underskirt for my animal friends to ride in.

Jennings says that every one wears bows now, and that the underskirt should be frilled.

Materials: Pupils will furnish their own material for an underskirt for themselves.

In deference to his inborn dislike, Dallas was wearing an underskirt of blue.

The vest and revers show the stripe as well as the underskirt.

By and by that flour-sack is going to evolute into an underskirt for me to wear under my dress when I go to school.

Now the mamma makes me raise up my dress when I come into the house so she can get a good look at my underskirt all around.