Understandable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Understandable:

Some understandable bit of machinery would have been reassuring.

Gropingly he tried to marshal his facts into some understandable sequence.

The comparison may be a homely one, but it is understandable.

His desire to avoid it in the midst of a campaign is understandable.

He did not notice the Harn creature at all—which was understandable, it was well camouflaged.

But the language of the eye is sometimes as clear and understandable as the language of the ear.

Perhaps we had better sit down and I will try to make it understandable.

Nor was it an understandable thing, except to the woman who loved him.

A wizard was understandable; but this was diabolism beyond sanity.

The writing, however, was understandable only by those who had heard the order given.