Understate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Understate:

To say that Ailie was delighted, would be to understate the fact very much.

To say that they were dishes for a king is to understate the fact.

The effect of this will be to understate my argument rather than the contrary.

I have been careful rather to understate than exaggerate the case.

To say it blew with the force of ten thousand devils is to understate the case.

To say that he ill-used her in his lifetime is to understate a truth.

They did not, on their side, understate the advantages of the connection.

He was not given to overrating, but it was not in his nature to understate. '

Jimmy yelled with joy, and thanked the printer for his intelligent misreading of understate. '

Greater sums have been made—but we would rather understate than overstate our case.