Understood [adjective]

Definition of Understood:

assumed, implicit

Synonyms of Understood:

Opposite/Antonyms of Understood:

Sentence/Example of Understood:

Without knowing why, they understood perfectly now that neither had been ingenuous.

In most parts of Mesopotamia it was understood as readily as the native tongue.

She was afraid that she now understood the meaning of the bill she had received.

The word "ought" was not heeded at Constantinople, but the word "must" was understood fully there.

And when he spoke she understood why he had been irresistible to Priscilla.

She understood that Robin had been staying in Sidmouth for his health.

I understood precisely why the name of 'Reddy' was appropriate to you.

The less you understood the more credit your belief became to you.

If only she had understood, and not spoiled, next morning, the effect of her words.

Could he have understood what was passing in her mind he would have known better what next to say.