Understory [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Understory:

This species was seen only in the understory of primary forest.

A dense growth of coralberry (Symphoricarpos orbiculatus) forms the understory just below the crest of the hill.

It seemed to prefer secondary forest that had some undergrowth and was invariably flushed from the understory.

This babbler inhabits the understory of primary forest, and occasionally is seen in secondary forest scrub.

Understory thickets sprang up throughout most of the woodland, and especially in edge situations.

Saplings of honey locust made up an important part of the understory vegetation on this slope.

Throughout the woodlands of the Reservation the saplings of this species constitute a prominent part of the understory.

An almost continuous canopy of foliage has developed, shading the understory and thinning it by killing shrubs and saplings.

Purshia tridentata (bitterbrush) is the understory codominant.

Vegetation was pinyon-juniper woodland with an understory of mixed shrubs.