Understudy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Understudy:

But an understudy was to play her part that night and she had no excuse.

And the maid will leave us before the month is over and I shall be her understudy.

She's an understudy, and her principal might fall ill--or something.

Then he turned, roaring: 'Vere is Miss Lawrence's understudy?

Through the two acts which followed, the understudy kept it up.

It will start in two minutes, and we shall see what the understudy can make of it.

I must provide an understudy for Mr. Macy, and others of the cast, also.

John replied fervently, "Oh, sir, I should like to be Harry's understudy."

And he became, on Sunday afternoons, a sort of understudy for Catherine.

Let me repeat, once more, that for every position you should have an understudy.