Undertake [verb]

Definition of Undertake:

attempt, engage in

Opposite/Antonyms of Undertake:

Sentence/Example of Undertake:

Who, again, could undertake the permanent care of his mother?

No one must undertake a journey in the Lozre with a scantily-furnished purse.

On no other condition, added Nicias, would he undertake the command.

I never give up what I once commence, and I never fail in what I undertake!

Well, I undertake to stand 'em off for a bit; you take the bag and run for it.

Such letters may be bought or begged; I will undertake to procure them.

Will you undertake to make her renounce the earl, who, I believe, is the devil incarnate?

I happen to be at my sister's, on my way from Cairo to Norway, so I undertake to run down.

Doctor, if you undertake it, said Johnson, I am sure youll make a good thing of it.

I felt that the journey I was about to undertake was a very dangerous one.