Undertaken [adjective]

Definition of Undertaken:

set in motion

Synonyms of Undertaken:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undertaken:


Sentence/Example of Undertaken:

In accordance with the advice of Hippocrates, the journey to Olympia was undertaken.

At the moment of parting he began to realize that he had undertaken a difficult task.

Yet do I know what a task I have undertaken, because of the knack you are noted for at writing.

You think of other duties you have undertaken, and wonder who will carry them through.

The voyage was undertaken in compliance with an application from the Royal Society.

Mrs. Merton had undertaken the duties that appertain to the "hissing urn."

Anxious to get on with the task he had undertaken, he hastened home.

The voyages I have since undertaken were always from eleven to sixteen months.

For whom had those gigantic works of new Rome been undertaken?

A practical siege was undertaken, under the most favorable circumstances.