Undertakes [verb]

Definition of Undertakes:

attempt, engage in

Opposite/Antonyms of Undertakes:

Sentence/Example of Undertakes:

He, then, who undertakes that office is bound to procure for those who choose him the thing they seek for.

A man of honour will enter, heart and soul, into what he undertakes, or not enter at all.

He undertakes the beautiful office of flattery, and flatters with courage.

He says it, and undertakes to prove it by the convincing logic of sentimentality!

No wise man ever undertakes to correct the disorders of the public estate.

You know that your friend the Jew always accomplishes what he undertakes.

Melissy finds it out, no matter how, and undertakes to keep me out of trouble.

(May 1) Becomes surety to a citizen who undertakes the office of Priore of the Commune.

It is not hard to see its weakness in much that it undertakes.

He is always terribly in earnest about whatever he undertakes.