Undervalued [verb]

Definition of Undervalued:


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Sentence/Example of Undervalued:

This is not because Green had no interest in them or undervalued their influence.

She either did not heed the Count, or she undervalued his powers of observation.

The services of James Barron are not likely to be undervalued.

You see, we undervalued the Russians, and we sha'n't make that mistake again.

To say that he undervalued the sacraments would be simply false.

The devotion of the civil hero is not spectacular and is often undervalued.

The event, however, proved that they had undervalued their antagonists.

If it is found that the goods are undervalued the value will be raised by the appraiser.

There was no demand upon Melissa's supply of undervalued information.

Unfortunately I undervalued the importance of the information.