Underway [adjective]

Definition of Underway:

in motion

Synonyms of Underway:

Opposite/Antonyms of Underway:

Sentence/Example of Underway:

In fact, a movement is now underway to raise the means to do that.

Now then, how quickly can our assistance to you get underway?

He remained on board the Pinola and the two vessels then got underway, the Pinola leading.

The preparations for the throwing of the sixteen pound hammer were now underway.

It is a natural process which has been underway from the beginning of the living world.

No sooner was Jim Tall at the end of the bowsprit than Bill was underway.

Way back in 1967 when he'd gone up, the roads were underway.

The rules of the road are the rules governing the movements of vessels when underway.

Zircon launched into questions as soon as they got underway in the captain's sedan.

She came first to the Spindrift which was just preparing to get underway.