Underwent [verb]

Definition of Underwent:

be subjected to

Synonyms of Underwent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Underwent:

Sentence/Example of Underwent:

He underwent various operations, but derived only partial benefit from them.

We know, now what you underwent when you suspected my descent, and when you knew it.

The mood of the Briton underwent a characteristic quick shift.

The graciousness of her manner, however, underwent no abatement.

Uncle George's manner at once underwent a complete and contemptible change.

But despicable as his conduct had been, he underwent no hasty condemnation.

He underwent the examination of the doctor every day at eleven.

The expression of her face, now unseen by her father, underwent a rapid change.

When we reached St. Michael's, we underwent a sort of examination.

Her face, which had been all smiles, underwent a sudden change.