Underwriting [verb]

Definition of Underwriting:

endorse, insure

Synonyms of Underwriting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Underwriting:

Sentence/Example of Underwriting:

I shall not underwrite the name till you have judged of my painting.

And the firm can underwrite the last hundred thousand, and that will clean it up.

Is it all right for us to underwrite the stock ourselves at half price?

The association will also underwrite the bonds and preference shares.

Ascher, Stutz & Co. will underwrite the new issues and take three and one-half per cent.

The brokers fell over one another to underwrite the offering by telegraph.

(Mr. Grierson's eye fell on me), "and sell it out to the public, if you underwrite it, for two million or so."

I'd undertake to underwrite the whole English-speaking world to keep peace, under our leadership.

On learning that we were intending to enter Hudson Straits, the agent refused to underwrite us: it was too ugly a risk.

The parents had agreed to underwrite lunches at the barn and Betty Miller philosophically assumed the role of commissary officer.