Undetectable [adjective]

Definition of Undetectable:


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Sentence/Example of Undetectable:

He'd broken through the screen of guard-ships in undetectable overdrive.

They would be undetectable by normal telepathic means, you know.

It is undetectable and invisible--your detectors do not touch it and light-waves are bent around it without loss or distortion.

Monday morning Tom buckled down seriously to the job of designing an undetectable sub.

Those enemies of ours are clever, but if they can produce an undetectable sub, there's no reason why I can't do the same.

He had tried several different experimental attacks on the problem of an undetectable submarine.

In a news announcement released less than half an hour ago, they stated that their Navy has perfected an undetectable submarine!

Zimby Cox related that a man had transferred from the undetectable submarine to the one they had been following.

Rak glanced at his companions again and apparently received some undetectable sign of consent.

It was a slip of mine, of course; but to me that one man in particular was invisible and undetectable.