Undetected [adjective]

Definition of Undetected:


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Sentence/Example of Undetected:

Jack and myself got in, after putting our heads together, and stole off undetected.

What shall he profit, if his injustice be undetected and unpunished?

Now was her chance to slip down-stairs and, undetected, away.

Moreover it was legitimate that I should have been undetected in the summer-house.

As it was, he glided back through the many rooms, undetected.

Could I but reach the private portal by the river side, unseen or undetected!

But it was not these deeds which troubled Mr. Cranley, for these he knew were undetected.

Had she kept her back to him, he might have rounded her like the shadow of a dial, undetected.

It was due to this oversight that Andy was able to get in undetected.

All his companions are thieves, or impostors, or rogues, patent or undetected.