Undignified [adjective]

Definition of Undignified:

crude, vulgar

Synonyms of Undignified:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undignified:

Sentence/Example of Undignified:

Joking is undignified; that is why it is so good for one's soul.

That's the most undignified thing ever I see Heman Atkins do.

And even now it was held to be undignified to swerve from that doctrine.

Booted and spurred, he scrambled into the hammock with undignified haste.

"It was all there," but all unseemly, ungraceful, undignified; for Polly Dill was pretty.

But without any undignified murmurs, he submitted to this extortion also.

There she heeled at an undignified angle, and her crew yelled aloud.

He was helpless, and he lay blubbering, undignified, with a breaking heart.

As for me, I scuttled up the lane in the most undignified fashion.

There was plenty of money, she believed, and it was undignified to argue with a servant.