Undimmed [adjective]

Definition of Undimmed:


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Sentence/Example of Undimmed:

Whatever I may have done since then, that day, at least, her happiness was undimmed.

To her he had ever been the lover and the undimmed hero of her girlish dreams.

Each morning the sun arose flashing with white, undimmed fire.

He has left the most undimmed memory it is possible for man to leave.

This evening was the inauguration of a period of undimmed delight.

I want to keep the memory of its cheeriness intact, undimmed.

Such fragments as this are as bright, as undimmed, as if we had met this morning.

By allowing it to shine upon her, in its undimmed brightness.

For the first time in life I understood the meaning of undimmed, perfect happiness.

But his judgment was undimmed by passion, and he gave her the benefit.