Undirected [adjective]

Definition of Undirected:

useless, insignificant

Opposite/Antonyms of Undirected:

Sentence/Example of Undirected:

That is only due to the fact that their energy is undirected, not that they can do nothing.

Men ran here and there, as if undirected, not knowing what to do.

Both are mischievous when undirected, and both are glorious when used for good.

But there is something to be said for "undirected relief" quite the same.

They did not stop their work on "the ship-duffle," but it became aimless and undirected.

The discussion should not lapse into undirected, fragmentary conversation.

He thrust into Merry's hand a soiled, sealed and undirected envelope.

Habit and movement by intuition are expressions of undirected thought.

They are said to be due to the undirected and unintended operation of physical laws.

This, however, cannot be done by casual and undirected emigration of the old kind.