Undiscerning [adjective]

Definition of Undiscerning:

negligent, not paying attention

Opposite/Antonyms of Undiscerning:

Sentence/Example of Undiscerning:

For the undiscerning eyes of the boy were blind to the feet of clay.

But the undiscerning were not only to be kept quiet, they were to be made happy.

They are the notebooks of an omnivorous but indiscreet and undiscerning reader.

She was a mother of high ideals and she was not undiscerning.

Spiritually they are undiscerning, because imaginatively they are blind.

Life isn't a story-book or we who live it undiscerning clods.

Yet, undiscerning as she was, she was puzzled about her daughter's happiness.

They had the undiscerning look of one whose mind is numbed, as hers might well be.

Sir George, that angel, who deserved the first monarch in the universe, to be cast off by an undiscerning dolt!

Ye scorn him with an undiscerning scorn; Ye cannot read the marvel in his eye, The still serene abstraction.