Undisguised [adjective]

Definition of Undisguised:

honest, trustful

Synonyms of Undisguised:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undisguised:

Sentence/Example of Undisguised:

This declaration was heard by Almeria with undisguised satisfaction.

Miss Dorcas, too, had heard it, and shrunk from its undisguised profanity.

In this, as in everything else, I shall show the undisguised emotions of my soul.

There was something furtive about his manner, for all he was undisguised.

Then, before we see his body, should we not ask him to show us his soul, naked and undisguised?

A solid, living person, undisguised by any cloak of invisibility.

She could not but laugh a little at Harlequin's undisguised discomfiture.

Mr. Knowles regarded his companion with undisguised astonishment.

"You bet," said Rawlins, looking from Kate to her sister in undisguised admiration.

Roger shook his head, still eyeing Charley with undisguised curiosity.