Undisputable [adjective]

Definition of Undisputable:


Opposite/Antonyms of Undisputable:


Sentence/Example of Undisputable:

But in the yard are the undisputable evidences of his wild unthrift.

But near it stands a modern landmark of undisputable authenticity.

Just a statement of an undisputable fact, a personal opinion in answer to a question put to him.

And after boiling everything down there is left in the pot two undisputable facts.

The deputy is the autocrat that governs with undisputable sway in this domain of semi-darkness and dirt.

The historical facts therein are supported by undisputable authority.

All disputes turn around forms of existence, but existence itself is an undisputable truth.

They are set forth and supported by an equally clear and undisputable array of authorities.

We have proven a complete alibi for Eugene Barnett through unshaken and undisputable witnesses.

Anthony Riggleton was beyond doubt the true heir of old Charles Faversham, and he had undisputable proofs of the fact.